Lullaby Music


Hi and welcome to my Lullaby Music website.

My name is Debora Hulskamp and I’m an awarded songwriter/producer living in Voorburg, The Netherlands.

What initially started as an assignment for a well-known international 'baby brand', fueled my passion for lullabies.

After composing two pieces for the brand I decided to continue creating piano and music-box based lullabies, I had a good excuse, I could make a present for my pregnant neighbor. The first time she and her partner listened to my lullabies they both fell asleep before the end of the fifth lullaby...

So I figure it’s not just for babies and small children, but for grown ups too.

Oh, but that, I already knew.. I’ve tested them myself of course.

While writing, it occurred to me that not much new original lullabies have been composed on a consistent base since Brahms, Mozart and Mr. Disney. Ever since the beginning of mankind lullabies have been a part of our repertoire and their relaxing and sleep-inducing effects have been proven over and over again throughout the ages.

I also found myself I couldn’t stop creating these sweet little gems.

So I just keep on composing them and hope to help you, your baby, more neighbors.. relax.. and.. fall.. a.. sleep..